High Speed Trains

Performance, Sustainability, Reliability – Bombardier's Formula for High Speed Success

Fast, safe, reliable and comfortable high speed and very high speed trains are now rivaling air travel as an efficient means of transportation for long distances. As a result, political decisions have been taken and infrastructure investments made to boost train travel over longer distances.

Bombardier has been a key player in the design and delivery of almost all major European very high speed trains as well as other significant international high speed projects, with an impressive portfolio of over 20 products worldwide.

Continuous Development

In the past the main challenge was very high speed but nowadays criteria such as energy efficiency, high capacity, customized comfort and ecological sensitivity are becoming increasingly important. That’s why Bombardier’s philosophy is to combine proven design elements for optimum reliability, safety, low energy consumption and ease of maintainability with the opportunity to customize the interior layout for specific needs of each operator.

Creating New Opportunities

To maximize the potential of high speed, long-distance rail travel, operators need innovative rail equipment that meets new requirements for interoperability, economy, reliability, energy efficiency and the ability to ride both dedicated and non-dedicated tracks.

Our in-depth experience in rail vehicle engineering is matched by extensive knowledge of all industrial, economical and operational parameters – a combination that ensures commercial success for high speed services. As an active partner and supplier, we provide operators with enhanced added value.

Bombardier’s ZEFIRO high speed train family is the culmination of the company’s long-standing reputation in this market segment. Developed for speeds between 250 and 380 km/h, ZEFIRO offers the highest levels of comfort and capacity, low operating costs and diverse application options for different countries and railway networks.

Key Facts

  • Bombardier has accumulated 20 years experience in the high speed sector and has participated in the delivery of 850 trains and vehicles for high speed and very high speed applications.
  • Bombardier has enabled some of the most prestigious very high speed developments in Europe, including four TGV series in France, the AVE S-102  and AVE S-130 in Spain, the ICE family in Germany and the ETR 500 in Italy.
  • Bombardier was the first company in Europe to develop and apply an aluminium carbody concept for the high speed segment. Pioneered in the 90s, this technology has been optimized to meet the latest high standards for crash safety in accordance with TSI 2002.
  • Working closely with its Aerospace Division, Bombardier applies its expertise in acoustic and aerodynamic behavior, with reliability management on its new high speed trains 
  • Since the 1980s, Bombardier has delivered approximately 3,500 bogies operating at speeds over 250 km/h in Central and Northern Europe, North America and China


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