Talent 3

Talent 3

TALENT 3 Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) Platform

Flexible and efficient when operating as commuter, regional, or intercity train

Cities and societies’ demands for seamless, modern and efficient mobility solutions are continuously increasing. This is especially true for the commuter, regional and intercity transportation systems that people rely upon to connect city centres with surrounding suburbs and the regions beyond. This need for better connectivity makes seamless mobility one of the driving forces of our modern society.

In this context, rail operators are facing a particularly difficult challenge: how to deliver cost-effective, flexible and reliable mobility in an environment of strong competition, rising energy costs and fluctuating demand. In response, Bombardier has developed the BOMBARDIER TALENT 3 platform, an innovative train concept that combines operational flexibility and efficiency with increased safety.

Whether it is operating as a commuter, regional or intercity train - the new TALENT 3 train offers many advantages. During development, market demands were taken into account and these new electric multiple units represent the state-of-the-art in operational flexibility, low energy consumption and maintainability:

  • The use of proven and optimized components, recognized in operation in several European countries, enables smooth and efficient operations from the time the train enters service
  • New, innovative IT solutions have significantly optimized railway processes, delivering important benefits to operators
  • A future-oriented European solution: unique, revolutionary, efficient, safe, reliable, and easy to maintain
  • For the first time a TALENT EMU train is compatible with the BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE Li-ion battery system
  • By leveraging data from the existing TALENT fleet, designers and engineers have succeeded in optimizing maintenance measures and significantly reducing lifecycle costs
  • Equipped with ETCS and able to operate across borders on the various European rail power systems
  • Its compliance with TSI and EN standardization has enabled it to be approved for operation throughout Europe.
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