Commuter and Regional Trains

Commuter Trains

The Backbone of City Life

More and more cities are investing in high-capacity urban transport networks to facilitate growth, accommodate ever-growing numbers of commuters and alleviate traffic congestion.

New High-Performance Generation

Rising to the challenge of increasing commuter transport demands, Bombardier is developing a new generation of high-performance trains. These trains achieve efficient journey times despite frequent stops, while ensuring excellent availability to minimize interruptions.

All over the world, our commuter trains provide millions of passengers with stress-free connections between city centres and growing suburban areas every day.

Key Features

Using advanced technology and modern lightweight carbodies, Bombardier's modular commuter trains are known for their:

  • Operational flexibility and efficiency
  • Maximum reliability and availability, including minimal maintenance requirements
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Safety and comfort, e.g. through platform level entrances and air suspension systems
  • Minimised lifecycle costs
  • Efficient energy use

Regional Trains

On Track for Cities and Regions

From rural locations to city centres in minutes, the growing demand for attractive inter-regional and region-to-city connections has led to the rebirth of many rail lines. In fact, comfortable, frequent connections by regional trains are an essential factor in the placement of new housing developments in out-of-city areas as well as major enabler for increased regional tourism.

Easy adaptation to operator needs

With modern, high quality designs that accommodate various uses from business traffic to leisure activities, Bombardier continues to develop its range of highly efficient regional trains that can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of regional operators.

Meeting high passenger expectation

Passenger comfort and convenience is paramount and our regional trains offer flexible and robust interiors as well as the technology to achieve minimum journey times. For example, on routes with many curves, tilting ability enables a noticeably faster travel speed.

Key features

  • Modern and attractive exteriors that complement surroundings
  • Flexible interiors to accommodate changing passenger profile and capacity
  • High degree of comfort with entrances at platform level and low minimum noise levels
  • Adaptable technology and fittings for maximum speed, comfort and efficiency
  • Option of diesel, electric or hybrid technology

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