Wayside Equipment

TERFLO 150, Resource Sector, Chile

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking systems

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking systems lock and release train routes on main line and mass transit systems. They supervise and control wayside objects such as signals, point machines and level crossing protection. The systems are designed for quick installation, flexibility and cost effectiveness and are easily adapted to different signalling principles. The interlocking systems are built on established safety principles and fail-safe signalling technology.

EBI Link ATC wayside equipment

EBI Link wayside equipment is a range of wayside components including balises that provide automatic train protection (ATP) for main line and mass transit systems. EBI Link operates in conjunction with the onboard ATP computer, giving drivers speed information and details about approaching target objects such as signals or points. Balises provide either fixed or variable data from track to train and are ERTMS compliant. The balise is activated by an antenna mounted under a passing train, thus avoiding the need for a power supply to the balise.

EBI Track train detection

EBI Track train detection equipment for main line or mass transit consists of train location systems, track circuits and axle counters. The train location system provides train to track communication in conjunction with a transmitter onboard the vehicle and a receiving loop in the track. The train receives movement authority continuously via the track circuit up to the end of the block last cleared. The detection of vehicles usually occurs through normal track circuits or axle counters.

EBI Switch point machines

Bombardier Transportation has a complete range of point machines for main line and mass transit which includes sleeper-integrated point machines, conventional end of sleeper machines and machines mounted in a recess between the rails, providing the flush finish required in a street type environment. EBI Switch has been designed with robustness and durability in mind. Components have been selected that require minimum maintenance. Because of its modular design, fast onsite servicing and maintenance can be performed, without disturbing traffic.

EBI Light signals

The EBI Light range of optical signals for main line and mass transit solutions includes colour light multi-aspect signals, fibre optic searchlight signals, fibre optic alpha numeric signals, and tunnel signals. The systems are used to give the train proceed or not-to-proceed information.

EBI Gate level crossings

EBI Gate level crossings provide highly-reliable barriers and signals across a main line or mass transit network. Various types of occupancy detectors and warning devices can be applied as required. The key benefits to customers are user-friendly maintenance and short repair times.

EBI Gate 200
Our EBI Gate 200 level crossing is the first crossing of its kind capable of harnessing the renewable energy in its environment as a power source, thereby reducing its environmental impact and cost of operation. Another advantage of this system is that it is a completely self-contained overlay system, installed independently of the existing railway infrastructure. This results in minimum network disruption during installation.

This crossing is designed to alert people to oncoming trains when crossing rail tracks. It has been engineered specifically to improve the safety for user-worked crossings on rural sections of the network such as bridleways, footpaths and farms crossings.

EBI Gate 200 Datasheet (PDF)

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