Onboard Computer Systems


EBI Cab ATC onboard equipment

EBI Cab onboard automatic train control (ATC) equipment ensures that train movements in main line and mass transit are carried out safely in accordance with the movement authorities by continuously monitoring the train speed. EBI Cab onboard equipment informs the driver when it is time to brake and initiates braking (if necessary) to keep the train at a safe speed. EBI Cab is designed to increase traffic capacity and safety by allowing higher speeds and shorter headways between trains.

ATC wayside equipment on the track informs the ATC onboard the train, about traffic restrictions coming up and gives continuous information on the highest permissible speed. The necessary information is presented on the driver's panel. EBI Cab systems have been in use for over 25 years and can now be used for high-speed trains to meet the demanding functional and safety requirements of ERTMS/ETCS. Automatic train operation (ATO) can be added to the system where required for driverless trains.

EBI Star SatNav onboard equipment

The EBI Star onboard unit is used by our main line INTERFLO 50 telematics solution. EBI Star is a unified communication platform that supplies vehicle systems with accurate information about position, speed and time. At the same time, via the management of mobile communication channels, it ensures reliable data transfer between rail vehicles and wayside infrastructure.

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