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Proven technology for consistent headways

CITYFLO 350 is a system with onboard automatic train protection (ATP) and automatic driving through an automatic train operation (ATO) with the ATP information and ATO status displayed in the driver's cab. The track to train communication is achieved via the audio frequency track circuits and the system is designed primarily for metro applications where only limited action is required from the train driver, such as opening and closing doors. The system is used for trains running on segregated tracks.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Driving supported by EBI Cab automatic train control (ATC) onboard equipment
  • ATP information through track circuits
  • ATO functionality with 3 driving strategies (STO level)
  • Segregated track
  • Train detection by EBI Track 300 (TI21-M) track circuits
  • Continuous train supervision through EBI Screen control room

EBI Screen control room

The vehicle is supervised by the EBI Screen control room system. This is a modern computer-based control and supervision system allowing the operator to give commands through a mouse or keyboard with the facility to have the position of the vehicles and optional wayside objects shown on both normal display screens and large rear projection screens. The EBIScreen control room also provides train regulation for the system.

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking

The CITYFLO 350 solution uses EBI Lock computer-based interlockings. These interlockings can be either centralised or distributed, in which case the central unit is located in one place and the object controller units that drive the wayside objects can be located at some distance from the central unit.

EBI Link ATC wayside equipment

The information required from the track for the precision stopping in ATO mode is passed to the train through a Eurobalise located in the middle of the track before each station. The Eurobalise gives the exact distance to the stopping point of the train and allows the train to adjust its braking accordingly to stop at the correct position.

EBI Track train detection

The detection of vehicles in the CITYFLO 350 solution occurs through the jointless track circuit EBI Track 300 (type TI21-M), which provides continuous detection on the position of the vehicle. The type of track circuit used is crucial since the information to the ATP system is also sent through the EBI Track 300 track circuits.

EBI Switch point machines

A normal railway type point machine from the EBI Switch point machine range can be used, depending on what is most suitable for the particular market.

EBI Light signals

The CITYFLO 350 solution does not require any signals, since all the information is in the cab. However, signals can be used to create a backup system in case of failure to the ATP system. The optical signalling system is then a very simple system.

EBI Cab onboard equipment

The onboard equipment consists of EBI Cab, which is a distributed onboard system allowing a modern ATP system, with continuous supervision and continuous updates of this information through the track circuits. The 'distance-to-go' ATP system has a SIL 4 safety level in accordance to CENELEC.

The CITYFLO 350 solution has an optional ATO system that allows semi-automatic driving (STO-level) with three driving strategies (slow, normal and fast) which can be selected automatically through the EBI Screen control room at each station stop. The ATO system allows precision stopping by the train at stations with a typical accuracy of +/- 50 cm.


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