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Modular technology for light rail/tramways

CITYFLO 150 is a system that integrates signalling and auxiliary systems and is designed for light rail/tramway applications.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Drive on sight system
  • The system can handle a mixture of 'on-street' and segregated driving
  • Train detection is fundamentally performed by loops with optional track circuits where needed or where possible
  • Point machines can be either street type or railway type
  • Train supervision is through the EBI Screen control room
  • Optional SCADA functionality can be added to the EBI Screen control room
  • The EBI Screen control room can connect to auxiliary systems
  • The CITYFLO 150 solution allows for integration of auxiliary systems such as:
    • Passenger information displays (PIDs)
    • CCTV
    • Public announcement (PA)
    • Radio
    • Telecoms

EBI Screen control room

The vehicle is supervised by the EBI Screen control room system. This is a modern computer-based control and supervision system allowing the operator to give commands through a mouse or keyboard with the facility to have the position of the vehicles and optional wayside objects shown on both normal display screens and large rear projection screens. The EBI Screen control room also provides train regulation for the system.

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking

The CITYFLO 150 system does not normally have interlockings in the non-segregated or street areas where driving takes place 'on sight' but might have interlockings in segregated areas where the driving takes place under railway conditions. In these cases, the EBI Lock computer-based interlocking is used.

EBI Track train detection

The detection of vehicles in the CITYFLO 150 solution occurs either through normal track circuits, which give continuous detection on the position of the vehicle, or through loops which give a detection and identification of the vehicle at certain points, such as the tram stops. The track circuit method is normally used when the train runs in a segregated area and loops are normally used in non-segregated or street areas.

EBI Switch point machines

Point machines in segregated areas are normally operated by the EBI Lock computer-based interlocking while point machines in the non-segregated or street area are operated by the driver using the tram location system (TLS).

EBI Light signals

The CITYFLO 150 solution uses two types of signals, vital and non-vital signals. The non-vital signals are used for the train regulation information while the vital signals are used to provide the train with proceed or not-to-proceed information in segregated areas.

EBI Gate level crossing

If level crossings are necessary in the application, then level crossing equipment can be integrated into the system.

EBI Cab ATC onboard equipment

The onboard equipment consists primarily of the tram location system (TLS), which sends the train's ID to the loops in the tram stops. The TLS system is also used to give commands to point machines in the non-segregated area.

Tram stop equipment

The CITYFLO 150 system easily integrates auxiliary equipment at the tram stops, such as CCTV, passenger information displays, customer emergency consoles and staff telephones. All of which can be integrated into the EBI Screen control room system.


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