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Conventional solution for Main lines (SIL4)

INTERFLO 200 is a conventional signalling solution for main lines. This solution comprises all the trackside products required for a main line operation. The INTERFLO 200 solution includes all the products required for an infrastructure operator to build a complete main line solution.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Drive on sight with or without a national ATP system
  • EBI Track train detection by track circuits or axle counters
  • EBI Lock computer-based interlocking
  • EBI Switch point machines controlled by interlockings
  • EBI Light by conventional, fibre optic or LED signals
  • EBI Screen control room handles train supervision

Networks utilising INTERFLO 200 are usually busy networks where operations are required to provide speeds of up to 160 km/h, but at the highest safety levels and where headways are reduced. For high speeds and increased density INTERFLO 200 can be complemented with a national ATP system.

EBI Screen control room

The traffic is supervised by the EBI Screen control room system. This is a modern state of the art computer-based control and supervision system allowing the operator to give commands through a mouse or keyboard with the facility to have the position of the vehicles and optional wayside objects shown on both normal display screens and large rear projection screens.

The functionality includes:

  • Advanced CTC with flexible automatic route setting
  • Supervision and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Passenger information displays (PIDs)
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Public announcement (PA)
  • Radio communication

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking

The INTERFLO 200 solution uses EBI Lock computer-based interlocking. These interlockings can be either centralised or distributed, in which case the central unit is located in one place and the object controller units that drive the wayside objects can be located close to the wayside equipment. Dual and redundant architecture with hot standby provides high availability.

EBI Track train detection

The detection of vehicles in the INTERFLO 200 solution usually occurs through axle counters, or normal track circuits, which provide continuous detection on the position of the vehicle.

EBI Switch point machines

Point machines from the EBI Switch point machine range can be used, depending on what is most suitable for the particular market. Conventional or sleeper integrated point machines are used in an INTERFLO 200 solution. The point machines are operated by the EBI Lock computer-based interlocking.

EBI Light signals

The INTERFLO 200 solution uses conventional, fibre optic or LED signals. The signals are used to give the train proceed or not-to-proceed information. The EBI Light system includes distant and dwarf signals.

EBI Gate level crossing

Complete level crossing systems are used in the INTERFLO 200 solution.

EBI Tool processes & tools

The EBI Tool toolbox provides an integrated environment for adaptation, engineering, installation, test, commissioning and maintenance of an INTERFLO 200 solution.

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