INTERFLO 100 – Train control solution for depots and stabling yards

The INTERFLO 100 solution enables trains to be stabled remotely in a quick and safe manner, removing the need for drivers to manually operate track equipment. The train dispatcher can control the points from the BOMBARDIER EBI Screen control centre communicating with the EBI Lock 400 interlocking system.

The configuration offers automatic point locking along the length of a route so preventing conflicting train movements and improving overall line safety. Delivery can be completed without interrupting on-going operations, with training provided for dispatchers. The solution is currently being delivered in four projects across the UK and as part of a frame agreement in the Netherlands.

The system has the following characteristics and subsystems:

  • Drive on sight
  • EBI Track train detection by track circuits or axle counters
  • EBI Switch point machines controlled by interlockings
  • EBI Light conventional or fibre optical signals
  • EBI Lock computer-based interlocking
  • EBI Screen control room handles train supervision
  • If required the system can be complimented with a national ATP system

EBI Track 2000 axle counter system: detects trains and the occupancy of the tracks using axle counter heads connected to the rails and the central system. The information is used by 400 for safe route setting, releasing and other control commands.

LED signals: indicate current point positions and route locking to the drivers. Each point position has four signals, two facing in both directions, which are controlled by the central control system and connected to the wayside object controller. The central control system can order the signal heads to be lit or dark and the light intensity of the signal set. Using a data bus, the signal is also able to report its status (lit, dark or defective) back to the object controller.

EBI Screen 300 central control: enables train dispatchers to set routes, control individual points as well as controlling and monitoring the yard. The current state of the yard is displayed in a schematic overview and details current train locations, malfunctioning infra elements and locked routes. The dispatcher can also insert text boxes which store detailed information about the trains such as coach numbers, departure times and maintenance status.

EBI Lock 400 interlocking: verifies the correctness and safety of each command from users and transfers information about the status of the yard to the EBI Screen display. It contains several subsystems which are located in a central control room and close to the infrastructure on the track. Trackside equipment consists of seven object controller cabinets which control the infra elements (pushbuttons, signals and point motors) which are linked to the central system using fibre optics.

EBI Switch point machines: Point machines from the EBI Switch point machine range can be used, depending on what is most suitable for the particular market. Conventional point machines are normally used in this solution. The point machines are operated by the EBI Lock computer-based interlocking.



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