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A cost-effective solution with low life cycle costs

The modular design of the INTERFLO solution facilitates efficient field servicing without the risk of interruption to the traffic. For example, a circuit board can be replaced in a few minutes.

Our ERTMS product strategy is based on offering a solution with low life cycle costs to our customers. Bombardier Transportation utilises well-defined and well-proven hardware and software components and modules in as many applications as possible, in order to extend the benefits of product experience, resulting in a constant improvement in availability offered to our customers.

INTERFLO wayside components

EBI Link wayside equipment, including lineside electronic unit and Eurobalise, are the wayside ATP components of the INTERFLO solution. EBI Link wayside equipment provides EBI Cab onboard equipment with the essential information about the infrastructure data, for example, speed restrictions and the infrastructure status such as set train routes.

Reliable data transmission to the train

The Eurobalise transmits fixed and variable data safely from the LEU, or internal memory, to the onboard ERTMS of passing trains. The fixed data relates to fixed properties of the track, such as track geometry and position information. The variable data relates to conditions set by routes such as movement authority.

Improved performance

The LEU sends the actual status of the signals directly to the Eurobalise, up to a distance of 3 kilometres. This operation provides the benefits of increased line capacity, shorter headways, high reliability, centralised equipment, greater flexibility when replacing a unit and improved safety.

Safe movement of trains

The EBI Com radio block centre (RBC) in ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 compiles information from the interlockings and trains in its control area and sends movement authorities and other information to individual trains, taking into account a safe distance to the train ahead. Based on this, each train calculates its braking distance and optimal speed.

High availability

The EBI Lock computer-based interlocking and EBI Com radio block centre ensure maximum availability and safety through the use of redundant interlocking computers and diversified software. The computers are in hot standby mode providing virtually uninterrupted operation.

The interlocking system is of a modular design for high flexibility and expansion. The EBI Com radio block centre uses the same hardware and basic software as the EBI Lock interlocking, thus facilitating fault finding, maintenance and spare parts inventory.

Increased safety for maintenance personnel

Maintenance staff working on the tracks can increase their safety through using a hand-held terminal. It allows staff to take over a predefined area on the line where trains are not permitted access as maintenance work is taking place. Staff are also able to control the points within the taken area through the terminal, which makes it suitable for use by shunters as well. The hand-held terminal will receive the necessary data via the same GSM-R system used for communication with trains.

INTERFLO 450 - ERTMS Level 2

The INTERFLO 450 solution allows ERTMS Level 2 operation characterized by the wayside system providing continuously updated information to the train to ensure safe operation. Information regarding movement authority, gradients, permitted speeds, status of the train and train position is presented via a GSM-R radio system from the EBI Com radio block centre. Additional train positional information is provided by Eurobalises which communicate with the train as the train passes.

The information received through the radio and from the Eurobalise is compared and processed onboard and presented to the driver through a cab-mounted driver's graphical colour display panel. The INTERFLO 450 solution does not require the use of lineside located optical signals. Train movement based on the fixed block principle provides the movement authority up to the end of the locked route. Train integrity is checked through the interlocking system from track circuits or axle counters.

The INTERFLO 450 solution supports very high levels of operational safety and removes the need for the installation and maintenance of wayside equipment, particularly light signals and their support systems e.g. civil works and power supply cabling.

The INTERFLO 450 system presents the opportunity for higher line speeds and greater line capacity through improved line control capability.

INTERFLO 250 - ERTMS Level 1

The INTERFLO 250 solution compiles the necessary information using the EBI Link lineside electronic unit, which transforms the information and transmits to the train via balises.

The information required for operating the train, e.g. the status of the train and the route ahead, is displayed on the driver's panel. The conventional wayside signals are needed to show the driver when it is permitted to start from a standstill. The INTERFLO 250 solution checks train integrity through the interlocking system via track circuits or axle counters. Movement authorities are based on the fixed block principle, which means that they are only given up to the next block.

INTERFLO 150 - ERTMS regional for low cost rail operations

The INTERFLO 150 solution is a radio-based signalling system for low density regional lines which significantly reduces the cost of rail operations. Traffic management, interlocking and radio block centres are integrated in an efficient manner, thereby reducing lineside signals, track circuits, axle counters and balises to a minimum.

Cost-intensive manual operations can therefore be replaced by the INTERFLO 150 solution, improving both economy and safety. The INTERFLO 150 system also provides full interoperability for trains with ERTMS onboard.

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