INTERFLO 550, ERTMS Regional, Sweden

A communication-based signalling system for ERTMS compatible regional lines

INTERFLO 550 is a flexible, modularised wayside train control system, specifically designed to provide the capacity, adaptability and cost-effectiveness needed for regional, secondary lines.

Its modular design concept enables Bombardier to personalise the solution to customers’ particular preferences and offers the facility of future growth, while consistently ensuring safe and efficient train operation.

The solution has been developed as part of a drive by the Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer (UIC) to advance the use of European Rail Traffic Management System/ European Train Control System (ERTMS/ETCS) technology on regional lines.

INTERFLO 550 adds a new highly cost-effective dimension to Automatic Train Protection (ATP) applications by using the modules and practices adopted in the ERTMS development programme pioneered by Bombardier.

The main advantages of the INTERFLO 550 solution are:

Utilises the ETCS onboard investments also on the regional line, extending the reach of ETCS equipped vehicles.

  • Provides safe and accurate information on location and speed for all locomotives on the system.
  • Provides the driver with additional operating information, increasing the safety of rail system operations.
  • Prevents any attempt by the driver to exceed a movement authority or given speed restriction.
  • Offers the ability to stop all or selected trains at any location, at any time.
  • Allows for immediate activation of temporary speed restrictions to any section, at any time.
  • Can render traditional signal locations obsolete, saving maintenance costs and avoiding any train delays normally attributed to failed signals.
  • Contributes to total safe train control by eliminating dependence on high maintenance track circuit equipment.
  • Moving block concept allows trains to operate safely with tighter headways and improves fuel efficiency for the railway.

Elements from the Bombardier product portfolio are utilised according to the customer requirements and can include:

  • EBI Screen control room
  • EBI Lock computer based interlocking system
  • EBI Com Radio Block Centre (RBC)
  • EBI Link ATC wayside equipment
  • EBI Track train detection
  • EBI Gate level crossings
  • EBI Cab ATC onboard equipment
  • EBI Tool design and maintenance
  • EBI Drive train operating systems

More details on the EBI product range

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