Wayside Components

INNOVIA APM 256, APM, Taipei, Taiwan

All the elements which make up the wayside signaling infrastructure play a vital role in system optimisation and passenger safety.

Radio Block centre

The EBI Com Radio Block Centre (RBC) continuously receives train positioning data via radio signal, processes it and sends it to a track plan system which clearly shows the exact position of each train.

Train to Track Communication

The system communication network provides a private, secure and redundant communications path between the wayside and the onboard ATC equipment. The transmission of this data is made possible by the use of both the fibre optic transmission system and the radio equipment.EBI Link ATC wayside equipment utilises passive ‘tags’ containing location data. EBI Link tags are used for the ‘re-normalisation’ of the train’s accumulated position error.

Discreet and safe point machines

Bombardier Transportation has a full range of EBI Switch point machines, some of which can be positioned within sleepers or the recesses of the rails providing a flush and undetectable finish at street level. The EBI Switch point machines are designed to provide increased availability on the rail network and cost-effective maintenance of the complete turnout.

Flexible control

The CITYFLO 450 CBTC solution also includes the EBI Lock computer-based interlocking (CBI). The interlocking systems receive route setting commands from the traffic management centre and then safely lock the route ahead of the train, releasing it after the train passes. The EBI Lock supervises and controls wayside objects such as signals, point machines, balises and level crossing protection.

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