Onboard Components

CITYFLO 650, Madrid, Spain


The EBI Cab onboard ATC system increases traffic capacity and safety, allowing for higher speeds and shorter headways between trains, as well as providing higher availability. The EBICab onboard ATP ensures that the train does not exceed the permitted rail speeds. The train speed is constantly monitored by the system and if necessary the EBI Cab system automatically initiates braking to keep the train at a safe speed.

Energy saving driver assistance

The EBI Cab onboard ATC equipment includes the functionality to assist train drivers during a journey by optimising their driving style with a view to conserving energy. With this system it is possible to make automatic recommendations to the driver concerning velocity and acceleration or deceleration in order to minimise the energy required to run a train according to its allotted timetable. EBI Cab systems may not only generate energy consumption savings, but also ensure that trains arrive on time.

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