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A new generation for driverless automated transit systems

CITYFLO 650 is a system for driverless (DTO) or unattended (UTO) train operations designed for moving block advanced metro operations and airport people movers (APM). The track to train communication is achieved via a state-of-the-art wireless technology to provide bi-directional communication. The system is used for automatic running of trains on segregated tracks.

With its pioneering advances in Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) solutions Bombardier supports system optimisation and upgrade, provides a new dimension in overlay capability and tackles the capacity challenge.

CITYFLO 650 is now operational in seventeen locations around the globe. 

The system has the following main characteristics:

  • Communications-based train control (CBTC) APM/metro moving block system
  • Driving supported by ATP EBI Cab vehicle automatic train protection (VATP) / vehicle automatic train operation (VATO) (DTO/UTO level)
  • Automatic train protection (ATP) information through spread spectrum radio
  • Automatic train operation (ATO) functionality with continuous driving strategy modification
  • Segregated track
  • Train detection by radio transmissions of train positions
  • Continuous train supervision through EBI Screen control room
  • EBI Lock integrated interlocking function or EBI Lock computer-based interlockings
  • Point machines controlled by interlockings
  • Optional SCADA functionality can be added to the EBI Screen control room
  • The EBI Screen control room can connect to auxiliary systems
  • The CITYFLO 650 solution allows for integration of auxiliary systems such as:
    • Passenger information displays (PIDs)
    • CCTV
    • Public announcement (PA)
    • Radio
    • Telecoms

EBI Screen control room

The vehicle is supervised by the EBI Screen control room system. This is a modern computer-based control and supervision system allowing the operator to give commands through a mouse or keyboard with the facility to have the position of the vehicles and optional wayside objects shown on both normal display screens and large rear projection screens. The EBIScreen control room also provides train regulation for the system.

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking

The CITYFLO 650 solution can either use the built-in interlocking function or add optional EBILock computer-based interlockings for fall-back system capability or adherence to local norms. The CITYFLO 650 built-in interlocking function is located with the regional wayside ATP.

EBI Com radio block centre

The CITYFLO 650 solutions wayside equipment is divided in to geographical regions. Each region has duplicated ATP and ATO equipment that handle the ATP and ATO functions for the trains in that region. Each region has one or more spread-spectrum radios to receive the transmissions of the position from the trains and to send movement authorities to the trains.

EBI Link ATC wayside equipment

The information needed from the track for the normalisation of position errors for the system is passed to the train through norming point balises located in the middle of the track at certain points. These balises give an exact position to the train as it passes and allows the train to normalise its position, reducing the position error.

EBI Switch point machines

A normal railway point machine from the EBI Switch point machine range can be used, depending on what is most suitable for the particular market.

EBI Cab onboard equipment

The onboard equipment consists of the EBI Cab VATP and VATO, which is an onboard system allowing a modern ATP system with continuous supervision and continuous update of this information through transmissions from the radio. The 'moving block' ATP system has an American safety certification for public transport. A CENELEC approval of the system is also expected.

The CITYFLO 650 solution has an ATO system that allows fully automatic DTO/UTO with continuous change of driving strategies which can be selected automatically through the EBIScreen control room at any time during the journey. The ATO system allows precision stopping by the train at stations with a typical accuracy of +/- 15 cm.


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