MITRAC 3000, Propulsion, Montage

BOMBARDIER MITRAC 3000 - Crossing borders with flexibility

  • Modular design for a wide application spectrum
  • Optimized life cycle costs
  • High reliability and safety
  • High-power output for high speed
  • Multisystem capability
  • Easy maintenance

Transnational rail traffic without a propulsion change means that an increasing quantity of cargo can be transferred from the road to the rail networks. Reduced energy consumption, decreased emissions and much greater reliability are strong arguments in favor of rail transport.

The solutions

Locomotives and powerheads from Bombardier Transportation for both passenger and freight trains deliver unrivalled performance thanks to our complete portfolio of reliable, proven products including both, single-supply as well as multiple supply systems. The product portfolio offers a very high degree of commonality across the solutions, resulting in low life cycle costs, i.e. less spares, less training, higher reliability and less risk for the operation.


The MITRAC 3000 systems are powering the most powerful locomotives in the world such as the double locomotives with its exceptional 10.8-MW performance operating in Kiruna under tough climatic conditions, the BOMBARDIER TRAXX multisystem locomotives for seamless border-crossing operation throughout Europe, and the AVE 102 high speed power heads achieving 350 km/h. Whichever Bombardier Transportation solution you choose, it comes tailored to your requirements. See further examples in our references.

MITRAC System 3000 Brochure

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