Intercity Trains

MITRAC 1000, Propulsion, Montage

BOMBARDIER MITRAC 1000 - Moving from city to city in style

  • Modular design for a wide application spectrum
  • Optimized life cycle costs
  • High reliability and safety
  • Integrated and distributed solutions
  • High-power output for high speed

Railways offer a fast and comfortable mean of traveling. Whether for recreation or business purposes, travelers prefer the speed, comfort and service of intercity trains to strenuous car trips and/or exhausting flights.

The solutions

Features that passengers find important – such as shorter trip times, pleasant and relaxing journeys, a restaurant car and on-board service, power sockets for the laptop and telecom devices – all go to make rail travel convenient and stress-free. In project after project, Bombardier Transportation has set the latest intercity propulsion standards to meet the highest safety requirements and carry passengers reliably and noiselessly to their destinations.


The MITRAC 1000 propulsion systems for intercity trains with distributed drives provides maximum performance in acceleration, maintenance and declaration of high speed trains and leaves maximum space available for passengers.

MITRAC System 1000 Brochure

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