High Speed Trains

MITRAC 1000, Propulsion, Montage

BOMBARDIER MITRAC 1000 – Setting the pace for a global economy

  • Modular design for a wide application spectrum
  • Optimized life cycle costs
  • High reliability and safety
  • Integrated and distributed solutions
  • High power output

The global economy relies on the mobility of its citizens. With the growth of emerging economies, Sustainable means of fast and reliable rail transportation are enabling emerging economies to grow without endangering their environment to become part of the global village.

The solutions

High speed trains fulfill tough reliability and safety requirements in demanding operational environments. Our MITRAC 1000 system and experienced engineers fulfilled these challenges in numerous projects and continue working on improving our outstanding energy efficiency and reliability for high speed applications.


The MITRAC 1000 propulsion systems for high speed trains are perfectly adapted for demanding environments. Air- or water-cooled propulsion systems are the ideal solution when it comes to transporting passengers safely, reliably, comfortably and quickly in an energy efficient manner.

MITRAC System 1000 Brochure

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