Commuter and Regional Trains

MITRAC 1000, Propulsion, Montage

BOMBARDIER MITRAC 1000 - Moving around the region safely

  • Modular design for a wide application spectrum
  • Optimized life cycle costs
  • High reliability and safety
  • Integrated and distributed solutions

It's the job of commuter trains to carry commuters and other travelers from point A to point B safely, quickly and comfortably. Customers have come to expect adequate room at rush hour and a pleasant journey during the rest of day or at the weekends.

The solutions

The propulsion system on a regional train is required for quick acceleration and constant speed. Low life cycle costs and high reliability are built into the MITRAC 1000 system designed for regional trains.


The MITRAC TC 1000 propulsion systems can be installed on the roof, under floor or in the machinery room of regional trains. The modular systems of the MITRAC 1000 family are remarkable for their high reliability and outstanding value stability.

MITRAC System 1000 Brochure

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