Train Control and Management System


The Brain of the Train

The BOMBARDIER* MITRAC* Train Control and Management System (TCMS) is the brain behind the muscles that powers Bombardier’s rolling stock.

It is a modular, scalable, secure and open-standard control and communication platform which manages and controls the flow of information both on-board between the different sub-systems like converters, doors, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and also between the train and ground.

Bombardier’s MITRAC TCMS platform is the set of a fully integrated product portfolio that is built on a generic concept. It can be adapted to the individual needs of the different vehicle types simply by adding self-contained modules for clearly defined functionalities.

This allows for efficient and reliable train operation, diagnostics based maintenance, trains operating at a high level of safety and security as well as excellent and convenient services for passengers.

The safe functions and safe data transmission protocol used by the MITRAC TCMS permits the implementation of safe train functions and safe communications between the devices and sub-systems. 

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Made for the future

You only need to invest in one single train control and management system - MITRAC TCMS integrates all functions and equipment you will ever need.

Easy integration of all on-board systems

To run a train, enormous amounts of data need to be processed, controlled and distributed. Motors should start, accelerate and brake without delay. Doors should open and close at the right time. Passengers need to receive accurate traffic information. Cameras should transfer images to the cockpit or security control centers in real-time. Diagnostic data needs to be read in the maintenance center. MITRAC TCMS can handle these and countless other tasks in one single system.

Maintenance on-demand

MITRAC TCMS can help cut operating costs of a train fleet by allowing real-time remote diagnostics. With that information maintenance personnel can respond quickly when faults occur, and accurately predict service needs.

Increasing security

With MITRAC TCMS you can address today’s security challenges. The next generation of integrated, real-time, on-board passenger security systems uniquely meet the most stringent security demands.

Attracting ridership

Today’s train travelers demand a much higher service level than earlier generations. They expect to work and relax on-board - with access to the same services they enjoy at home or in the office.


MITRAC Train Control

Market liberalization, increasingly international and complex spans of operation coupled with the continuous drive to reach new levels of cost-effectiveness, impact all railway industry players. Every stakeholder has specific targets regarding operational improvements. For instance, the operator focuses on realizing reduced operational costs and better train reliability, availability and punctuality. Those involved with train maintenance want to minimize their costs through preventive measures, extension of periodic overhauls and condition based maintenance. Although every stakeholder has different needs, the data and information needed to take the appropriate operational decisions is basically the same. Therefore the ability to remotely exchange real-time information is a common need across the rail industry. The ORBIFLO product suite is an integrated wayside solution to this growing global demand.

The intelligent and integrated ORBIFLO train-to-wayside suite provides, among others, real-time data on timetable adherence, energy consumption and the condition of the train. The solution allows to tailor the analysis and reporting to the exact needs of each stakeholder.

ORBIFLO enables:

  • Greater punctuality
  • Higher availability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved safety

The ORBIFLO product is built around five modular standards-based applications: 

ORBIFLO Communication

ORBIFLO Communications is the enabler. It collects and securely transmits data in both directions between the on-board train systems and wayside applications. It can be adapted to meet business demands regardless of underlying technologies or suppliers proprietary solutions.

ORBIFLO Operations

ORBIFLO Operations enables the remote monitoring and controlling of selected train systems in real-time. This dramatically reduces the need for conventional manual access of individual train systems, saving time and increasing efficiency. The ORBIFLO Operations product manages fleet energy consumption and provides continuous timetable and route updates to the on-board Driver Assistance System (DAS). ORBIFLO Operations allows the reduction of analysis and response times and increases the reliability through automated train inspection systems.

ORBIFLO Passengers

ORBIFLO Passengers brings real-time journey information and streamed entertainment to travelers (passenger information and entertainment system – PIES. ORBIFLO Passengers allows real-time seat reservations and improves the connectivity of passenger travelling on trains by displaying connection information with this system.

ORBIFLO Security

ORBIFLO Security processes data from on-board surveillance systems in real-time. On-board security events, coupled with tagged video and audio can be sent to command and control, thereby helping operators to protect passengers and property.

ORBIFLO Maintenance

ORBIFLO Maintenance provides powerful data visualization tools for automated analysis and decision-support. It provides an intuitive interface for engineers, maintenance specialists and operational management personnel to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs.ORBIFLO enables condition based maintenance. 

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