FLEXX Eco, Fleet Maintenance

We care for the health of your bogies!

The high reliability and availability levels of our FLEXX Bogies correspond to the needs of our customers to operate their trains effectively & economically.

In order to maximise these parameters and to minimise maintenance costs we also offer our expertise and services to undertake bogie overhauls, repairs and upgrades.

With our comprehensive service portfolio we are able to provide support within the following areas:

  • Crash repair
  • Overhaul/Inspection
  • Fleet logistic (e. g. spare parts, FLEXX Rent, consignment stocks)
  • On-site customer service teams (e. g. corrective maintenance, ultrasonic inspections, magnetic + visual testing)
  • Engineering support (e. g. re-engineering, specialist consultancy)
  • Innovations like technical upgrades, track monitoring.

To learn more about our service portfolio, please consult our dedicated brochure.


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