FLEXX Metro, Bogie, Guangzhou, China

More than 20,000 FLEXX Metros are currently in service worldwide. The bogie is a highly critical component of metro trains in terms of safety, maintenance cost and passenger comfort. FLEXX Metro bogies meet these requirements by being extremely reliable, robust and straight-forward in their design. FLEXX Metro light weight bogie concepts enables maximum vehicle capacity utilization with minimum energy consumption.

To learn more about our FLEXX Metro portfolio, please consult our dedicated brochure

One of the newest members of this bogie family is the FLEXX Metro 3000 bogie. Based on a proven design and a robust fabricated frame, the FLEXX Metro 3000 also features high-level steering performance, low noise emission and low life cycle costs.

To learn more about our FLEXX Metro 3000 bogie, please consult our dedicated datasheet on the application for Delhi Metro. 

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