FLEXX Urban Bogies


Trams and light rail vehicles are designed for ease of  accessibility and convenience for the urban traveller. FLEXX Urban bogies make these features possible through their compatibility with low floor levels. Particular attention is also paid to maintenance aspects such as minimum rail and wheel wear  as well as the environment, e.g. minimum vibrations and noise, even within tight curves.

To learn more about our FLEXX Urban portfolio, please consult our dedicated brochure.

The latest development of the FLEXX Urban family is the FLEXX Urban 3000 bogie for FLEXITY 2 trams.

The FLEXX Urban 3000 bogie platform will typically be used for 100% low-floor trams. Thanks to this bolsterless concept, the solution of a 100% low-floor vehicle is achieved in combination with a robust bogie design using standard axle technology.

To learn more about the FLEXX Urban 3000 bogie, please consult our dedicated datasheet.

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