Intercity/High-speed Trains

FLEXX Eco, Bogie, United Kingdom

Intercity and high speed trains have by definition to be designed for long travel times. The FLEXX bogies reflect this basic requirement by comprising a high comfort suspension system for superior riding qualities. Due to the high running performance of the trains, maintenance and energy have a great impact on the total life cost. This is taken into consideration by bogie design parameters such as minimum weight and wear as well as specific features, e.g., condition monitoring.

The operational needs of this segment are covered by different FLEXX bogies families :

  • FLEXX Fit (MD-522, MD-523, MD-524, MD-530): bogies for various speed and axle loads specifically designed for trailer coaches
  • FLEXX Eco: lowest unsprung mass for minimum track and wheel damage
  • FLEXX Link: superior ride quality and running stability for long distance trains
  • FLEXX Speed: comfort and safety at very high speeds.

To learn more about our FLEXX  bogie portfolio for intercity and high speed trains, please consult the FLEXX Speed, FLEXX Link, FLEXX Fit and FLEXX Eco brochures.

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