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FLEXX Tronic WAKO, Bogie

FLEXX Tronic technology: speeding into the future

Bombardier FLEXX Tronic technology overcomes conventional bogie limitations such as passive steering and suspension elements. Mechatronics in the bogie, arguably a train’s most crucial component, provide unique new functionalities, including:

  • active radial steering (ARS) and bogie stabilization
  • active comfort improvement
  • tilting
  • intelligent condition monitoring (FLEXX Guide)

Developed by our Research and Development Engineering team, the FLEXX Tronic platform consists of:

  • FLEXX Tronic (mechatronic technology)
  • FLEXX Track (track condition monitoring) - datasheet
  • FLEXX Guide (bogie condition monitoring)
  • FLEXX Tronic WAKO system (roll movement compensation)

What is a FLEXX Tronic technology?

This highly intelligent bogie system processes the track signature to make the train stay on track. It allows the train to run at very high speeds—up to 350 kilometres per hour—while smoothly turning bends and tilting for enhanced comfort and ease.

'Mechatronics' reduces the mechanics of a complex system to the absolute minimum by introducing active, multi-functional elements. Flexible, model-based controllers form an integral part of the information network and ensure the vehicle’s smooth running and high speed.

Tested and proven for safety and reliability

The first bogies equipped with FLEXX Tronic technology were successfully tested under the REGINA 250 train, in cooperation with Sweden’s Banverkert, as part of the Green Train project. In July 2007, during this testing phase, we set a new national speed record of 282 kilometres per hour for Sweden.

Find out more about FLEXX Tronic technology.

The FLEXX Tronic WAKO system

The FLEXX Tronic WAKO system is the latest development in our FLEXX Tronic platform. It builds on our 20 years of experience with active suspension technology.  

FLEXX Tronic WAKO technology enables higher speeds with increased passenger comfort on curved tracks. This innovative mechatronic solution compensates for a train carbody’s natural roll movement. In this way, it overcomes the limitations of conventional bogies such as passive steering and suspension components.

Integrated into the existing secondary suspension, this innovative system compensates for the carbody’s natural roll movement. It increases curve speeds by up to15%, reducing both travel times and infrastructure investment.

The state-of-the-art TWINDEXX double-deck trains that we deliver to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) will incorporate this technology. Two prototype bogies equipped with the FLEXX Tronic WAKO system passed static tests and are currently undergoing dynamic tests while running on SBB lines.

Increased speed

The FLEXX Tronic WAKO system increases train speeds in curves by up to 15% for shorter journey times with lower infrastructure investment.

Very high comfort

The low compensation of the roll movement combined with active comfort control ensures optimal passenger comfort. It eliminates the sea sickness generally experienced with active tilt systems.

High reliability

In the event of a component failure, next-generation electronics and a fully redundant system configuration ensure no impact on journey times or schedules.  

Reduced mechanical complexity

The system’s mechatronic multifunctional setup accommodates a compact design with short wheel base, even with an integrated drive system. The system cinematic provides fail-safe behaviour and enables a wide carbody design with first-class space, including for double-deck coaches.

Find out more about the FLEXX Tronic WAKO system.

Why choose FLEXX Tronic technology

  • Excellent high speed curving performance and comfort
  • High safety, reliability and comfort
  • Low track forces, wheel/rail wear and noise
  • Reduced mechanical complexity and track maintenance
  • Intelligent condition monitoring for bogie and track
  • Fail-safe

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