Energy Management

MITRAC Traction Converters

The MITRAC portfolio enables operators to meet their customers' expectations while reducing costs and protecting the environment. The MITRAC Energy Saver, the MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor as well as the catenary-free operation or wayside energy storage units are developed for these needs. With the new ECO4 technologies, we aim to develop optimum solutions that exceed the expectations of both our customers and the industry.

MITRAC Energy Saver

The intelligent MITRAC Energy Saver developed by Bombardier Transportation enables light rail vehicles to economize almost one third of their energy consumption and bridge patches without overhead lines. This Energy Saver, based on high performance double layer capacitor technology (ultracapacitors), provides vehicles with an energy source that has a considerably longer service life than energy storage based on conventional batteries. The system works by charging the ultracapacitors during vehicle braking, and releasing it when it is needed, such as when accelerating the vehicle.

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