MITRAC Hybrid Technology

AGC, France

BOMBARDIER MITRAC Hybrid technology enables vehicles to operate efficiently on both electrified and non-electrified tracks by employing a common propulsion chain utilizing electric and diesel power sources. The technology enables rail vehicles to operate economically, efficiently and ecologically on tracks which are only partly electrified, limiting diesel power to the minimum.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 80 % reduction in air pollution 
    Diesel engines run only when necessary, with CO2, NOx and particle emissions reduced accordingly.
  • Up to 40 % lower fuel consumption 
    Locomotives with multiple diesel engines can be powered separately to reduce consumption. When used in combination with shorter diesel routes, fuel costs are minimized.
  • Up to 40 % lower noise emissions 
    MITRAC Hybrid technology features reduced noise both in train stations and along tracks.
  • Up to 20 % reduction in travel time
    Diesel-to-electric switch-overs mean same-seat rides, with no time lost transferring passengers or waiting for locomotive exchanges. Electric mode is more powerful than diesel, allowing shorter travel times and enhanced track capacity in mixed traffic between electric and hybrid fleets.

Proven solution in use

The Autorail à Grande Capacité (AGC) is a family of multiple units manufactured for the French regions that includes electric, diesel electric and dual power versions – a single, versatile vehicle type with different propulsion systems.

New Jersey Transit in the USA and Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) in Montréal, Canada, have ordered ALP-45DP dual power locomotives.


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