MITRAC Energy Saver

MITRAC Energy Saver

The MITRAC Energy Saver is one of our most fascinatingECO4 technologies. This highly successful solution saves up to 30 per cent of energy in light rail vehicles and 35 per cent in multiple diesel units. This, in turn, reduces emissions and costs.

Reusing Brake Energy

The system’s innovative ultracapacitors store the energy released each time a vehicle brakes and reuses it during acceleration or operation. The MITRAC technology boosts a vehicle’s performance by adding extra power during acceleration. It also enables catenary-free operation over limited distances. 

100% Electrical Operation 

The MITRAC Energy Saver operates on a purely electrical basis. Its double-layer capacitors include several hundred storage cells, connected in a series to create a MITRACstorage unit. This saves the energy with relatively low losses. These long-life batteries exceed the performance of conventional ones by ten times.

Proven Solution in Use Now

The MITRAC Energy Saver has been tested extensively since 2003 by the public transportation operator in Mannheim, Germany. 

The German operator Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV) recently ordered 19 light rail vehicles equipped with the MITRAC Energy Saver system.




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