FLEXX Tronic Technology

FLEXX Tronic, Bogie, Germany

FLEXX Tronic is based on the innovative mechatronic platform developed by Bombardier’s R&D Engineering team. FLEXX Tronic technology provides unique active radial steering and bogie stabilization (ARS) capabilities. 

The major benefits of FLEXX Tronic technology include:

  • True interoperability on different national track networks
  • Reduced wheel and rail wear
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Decreased vehicle mass, vibration and noise
  • Reduced track impact and lower access charges on networks with performance-dependent fees

FLEXX Tronic can be used to implement active comfort improvement and tilting systems. It can also equip any BOMBARDIER FLEXX bogie.


The latest development of this platform is the FLEXX Tronic WAKO system which enables shorter journey times and lower infrastructure investment. 
This innovative system ensures the compensation of a carbody’s natural roll movement, integrated into the existing secondary suspension.

The major benefits of FLEXX Tronic WAKO system are:

  • Speed increase: the system allows a speed increase in curves of approximately 15% and therefore allows for shorter journey times with lower investment in infrastructure.
  • High reliability: an outstanding high reliability is achieved with the use of latest technology in electronics and a full redundant system configuration inclusive actuator. Therefore, in case of any component failure, there is no impact on the journey time and schedule at all.
  • Reduced mechanical complexity:  a reduced mechanical complexity is achieved by the mechatronic multifunctional setup of the system, which allows for a compact design with short wheel base, even with integrated drive system. The system cinematic provides fail-safe behavior and allows for a wide carbody design with a first class space comfort even for double deck coaches.
  • Very high level of comfort: Through the low compensation of the roll movement together with the active comfort control based on advanced control design principles, a very high comfort level is achieved with no sea sickness effect as generally experienced with active tilt systems.

The FLEXX Tronic WAKO is an exclusive innovation of Bombardier Transportation. It has been developed by our R&D team and is protected by a registered patent and trademark. 

The FLEXX Compact bogies for the BOMBARDIER TWINDEXX double-deck trains for SBB will be the first bogies to be equipped with this revolutionary technology.


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