Aeroefficient Optimized Train Shaping

ZEFIRO 250, EMU, China

AeroEfficient helps optimize the aerodynamic performance of rail vehicles using state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools.Reducing aerodynamic drag savesup to 8 per cent of energy in regional trains and 15 per cent in high speed trains. Limiting drag and maximizing stability also increase acceleration, which reduces traveling time.

Minimized Drag, Enhanced Aerodynamics 

This comprehensive and innovative optimization process helps you develop and build new products by calculating the best way to reduce drag.

AeroEfficient Optimized Train Shaping is based on genetic algorithms that use:

  • Parameterized, three-dimensional models
  • Detailed simulation of aerodynamic drag
  • Decisive optimization software

AeroEfficient technology takes into account constraints such as crash structure, industrial design and ergonomic limits of the cab. It then offers a choice of the best possible solutions to optimize the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.


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