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Sustainability is the key issue when it comes to energy use for both the transportation industry and our planet.

Leading the way in modern mobility, we introduced our first cutting-edge ECO4 technologies in 2008. Today our ECO4 portfolio includes 15 energy-saving solutions that serve as the backbone of modern fleet management and rail technology.

Roadmap for sustainable mobility

ECO4 is both a product portfolio and a roadmap for sustainable transport solutions. These fully operational technologies represent a game-changing approach to rail technology that’s both performance based and environmentally driven.

Aligned with operator requirements and easily customized to any fleet, our innovative ECO4solutions advance sustainable mobility by:

  • optimizing energy use
  • decreasing energy waste
  • minimizing CO2 emissions
  • increasing economic value
  • improving overall efficiency and total train performance

Increasing operator competitiveness

Our ECO4 portfolio makes the idea of sustainable mobility a tangibility reality today. Rail operators from around the globe are abandoning traditional methods and getting on board.ECO4 technologies help operators face the growing need for optimal fleet management, efficient operations and low product lifecycle costs.

The most efficient way to save the planet

Developed in close collaboration with rail operators, our ECO4 technologies are the ‘most efficient way to save the planet.’ They’re built on four cornerstones: energy, efficiency, ecology and economy. Incorporated into our products right from the design phase, these technologies ensure optimal energy efficiency from start to finish.

By implementing these solutions, operators can generate an overall energy saving of up to 50%. They also reduce emissions, costs, wear and tear, and travel time. These economically sustainable working solutions ensure cost-effective mobility and a minimal environmental impact.

Our ECO4 solutions range from lighter weight, lower maintenance bogies with reduced wheel and track wear to intelligent, comfort-driven interior climate control; and from optimized aerodynamic performance of very high speed trains to catenary-free tram operation.

15 ECO4 technologies and counting

Today our modular suite of ECO4 technologies consists of 15 innovative solutions, including five industry firsts, in approximately 120 applications. We continue to implement these technologies in a growing number of our products while also expanding the portfolio itself.

Our ECO4 solutions are:

Why choose ECO4:

  • Overall energy saving of up to 50%
  • Cost-effective sustainable mobility
  • Minimal carbon footprint and overall environmental impact
  • Enhanced total train performance

Find out more about our innovative ECO4 technologies:

Addressing major challenges simultaneously

The rail industry is faced with addressing several challenges at the same time:

  • global climate change
  • decreasing natural resources
  • the need to reduce CO2 emissions
  • volatile energy costs

With our ECO4 portfolio, we’re offering fully operational solutions for sustainable mobility today. ECO4 puts us at the forefront of efficient and eco-friendly rail technologies.

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