Search and Rescue / Maritime Patrol

Mission Critical Advantages

For decades, our specialized aircraft have come to the rescue of people in distress throughout the world while also providing vital maritime patrol through advanced surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Our specialized aircraft put mission-specific tools at your fingertips and can include:

  • Nose- or belly-mounted active electronically scanned array (AESA) search radar

The AESA radar integrates into the aircraft’s mission consoles, providing surface search, terrain mapping, beacon navigation, and weather avoidance capabilities.

  • Retractable, fuselage-mounted electro-optical /infrared (EO/IR) sensor

The EO/IR sensor is deployed from either the mission console or cockpit. Since it is retractable, it allows for greater speed, thus reaching the mission area more rapidly.

In addition to the AESA search radar and EO/IR sensor, we can integrate the following and more on to our platforms:

  • Mission operator consoles, providing mission management and sensor control.
  • Airborne automatic identification system for real-time monitoring of ships.
  • Multiple band communications systems for atypical frequencies.
  • Panoramic windows, optically pure to provide a clear view of the search area and optically flat to ensure photographic quality.
  • Air-operable baggage door for dropping life rafts and other survival equipment.
  • Pressurized automatic smoke marker launching system.
  • Multi-band direction finder.