A History of Aviation Firsts, A Heritage of Service

With a history that spans more than 100 years, Bombardier is a proud member of the centennial club. From biplanes to supersonic fighters, we’ve helped define modern aviation. We created the first business jet, invented the regional jet, and produced thousands of technological innovations that have advanced aviation.


Our leadership position today continues a long-standing tradition. Ever since the first Shorts S.26 and S.27 aircraft rolled off the line in 1910 and were delivered to the United Kingdom’s Royal Naval Air service, we’ve helped governments and other special mission providers meet their requirements. Through the decades, we have expertly adapted our class-leading platforms to provide a comprehensive range of specialized aircraft that are counted on to perform as promised.

Serving and Protecting Around the World

Today, Bombardier has over 375 specialized aircraft in service around the world and civil aircraft in more than 40 countries. From leading light jets to superior Global aircraft, no one puts more resources at the command of military, scientific and governmental agencies than Bombardier.

A Full Family of Leading Solutions

At Bombardier, we go beyond single solutions to address a complete spectrum of needs. From Learjet 70 and 75 business jets to CRJ Series commercial airliners, we design, certify, and deliver entire families of industry leading aircraft. Our full family of unparalleled platforms ensures superior flexibility when choosing a solution. So whatever the mission, be it Medevac, surveillance or search and rescue, we have an aircraft that can be readily adapted to your needs.

In our commitment to provide world-class support, we draw on our decades of program management experience to provide a flawless experience that extends from product development to final delivery. To ensure you get the most out of each platform, we leverage our full in-house engineering resources and capabilities for aircraft modification and system integration with the versatility of our fleet of aircraft. As a result, you benefit from specialized aircraft tailored to your exact mission and certified to the highest standards.