Maximizing Mission Performance

Our Global family of high-performance business jets offers the perfect “ready-made” aircraft for C4ISR operations.  Their excellent high speed cruise, loiter time capabilities at low speeds and high altitudes and higher ceiling providing greater look-down capability provide the performance required.

Providing solid performance parameters*:

  • Loiter time in excess of 12 hours.
  • Top cruise speed of Mach 0.88.
  • 45,000 ft typical operating altitude.

Adaptable to Meet the Mission

Beyond these superior platform capabilities, Global aircraft offer spacious wide-body, stand-up cabin that can be tailored to a wide range of configurations. Each Global aircraft offers personnel unrestricted access to the entire cabin in flight. 

Moreover, because these jets feature four engine-driven generators and an air-operable auxiliary power unit, they provide up to 205 kVA to all aircraft systems, including C4ISR mission equipment. 

Our Global aircraft are also equipped with Rockwell Collins’ advanced Pro Line Fusion avionics suite. The first avionics system with synthetic vision on a head-up display, it features a visor that folds down and presents the pilot with all the necessary aircraft performance, mapping and terrain information - making for excellent situational awareness even in the worst weather.

A Track Record of Reliability 

Our Global aircraft have been certified to meet the most stringent standards of civil aviation authorities the world over, including those of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Agency.  

With more than 650 Global aircraft currently in service, the Global fleet has a long and proven track record of reliability.

In total, Global aircraft have logged more than:

  • 1.63 million flight hours.
  • 600,000 landings with an average dispatch reliability of 99.8%.

Trusted Around the World

When Bombardier talks about meeting the needs of military and intelligence agencies, it speaks from experience. Global aircraft employed by the U.S. and U.K. air forces have flown more than 90,000 hours, with the U.S. Air Force jets flying an average of 900 hours per month.

C4ISR variants of our family of Global jets are in service around the world, including:

  • The Royal Air Force’s Sentinel R1 with an Airborne stand-off Radar system.
  • The United States Air Force’s E-11A which hosts the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node.
  • Global aircraft for multi-sensor imagery missions, employed by various international intelligence agencies.



* Under certain conditions. Actual performance is dependent upon final specifications.