Serving Heads of State

World leaders require sophisticated aircraft that not only allow them to quickly reach their destination, but to also stay in touch with the world below at all times. Our platforms provide safe and productive transportation for heads of state that combine exceptional speed and range with high-speed Internet connectivity and communication systems that ensure they are always informed and in touch.

We outfit our VIP transport aircraft to meet the exacting demands of each commander-in-chief. In addition to equipping our platforms with the most advanced military-grade communications and navigation systems, we can fit all our aircraft with self-protection systems that safeguard both crew and passengers. 

Troop Transport

At Bombardier, we offer a wide range of commercial aircraft that can be converted into secure and capable troop transports. Whether you choose the Q400 turboprop or our family of CRJ regional aircraft, we provide the right platform for the mission.

Q400 Aircraft

With Q400 aircraft, you benefit from a family that has logged over 6 million flight hours, has a dispatch reliability rate in excess of 99.5%, and has transported more than 370 million passengers worldwide. Designed with highly flexible interiors, Q400 aircraft can operate out of unprepared strips, conduct steep approaches when landing and deliver an impressive 360 kt cruise speed. 

For the ultimate in flexibility, Bombardier offers the Q400 combi variant. Able to easily switch between cargo and passenger transport or serve as a mix of both, it can carry loads of up to 9,000 lb in a Class C cargo compartment with 1,150 ft3 of space and also seat 50 passengers, each with a 32 inch seat pitch.

CRJ Series Aircraft

For missions that require more range, Bombardier offers our industry leading CRJ family in full cargo or in combi configurations.