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  • Éric Martel President and Chief Executive Officer Bombardier Inc.
  • Danny Di Perna President Transportation 
  • Jean-Christophe Gallagher Executive Vice President Services and Support, and Corporate Strategy Aviation 
  • Paul Sislian Executive Vice President, Operations and Operational Excellence Aviation 
  • Daniel Brennan Senior Vice President, People and Sustainability Bombardier Inc. 
  • John Di Bert Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Bombardier Inc. 
  • Peter Likoray Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, New Aircraft Aviation 
  • Steeve Robitaille Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Bombardier Inc. 
  • Mike Nadolski Vice President, Communications Bombardier Inc. 
  • François Ouellette Vice President, Contracts and Legal Services Aviation 
  • Pierre Tremblay Vice President, Finance Aviation 
  • Mtre Daniel Desjardins Chairman Transportation 
  • Dr. Jianwei Zhang Chairman, Bombardier China and President, Bombardier Transportation China Bombardier Inc. 

Michel Ouellette

Executive Vice President Specialized Aircraft, Programs and Engineering, Aviation

Michel Ouellette, Executive Vice President of Specialized Aircraft, Programs and Engineering for Bombardier Aviation, is responsible for ensuring all business aircraft products remain on the cutting-edge of the business jet industry. He oversees the development and engineering of new products, new product enhancements as well as sustaining activities for our entire portfolio. Mr. Ouellette is also responsible for the Specialized aircraft business and ensuring its growth in Bombardier Aviation.

As Senior Vice President, Global 7500 Program, Business Aircraft, Mr. Ouellette oversaw the complete progra m and ensured the successful entry-into-service of the Global 7500, a game-changing business jet, in December of 2018.

He is a dynamic senior executive with extensive aerospace experience who is focused on operational excellence, the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and on the foundation of all businesses: people.

Mr. Ouellette started his career at Bombardier Aerospace in 1990 as a mechanical engineer in the experimental engineering department. In 1997, he assumed management of the wind tunnel experimental group and subsequently occupied different management positions in Core Engineering and with the Commercial Aircraft business unit.

In 2004, he joined the Challenger aircraft team and held the roles of Director, Engineering and Director, Paint Shop and Wiring Fabrication. In 2006, he was appointed General Manager of the Challenger 300 aircraft program with overall responsibility for operations including final assembly and interior completion, as well as deliveries of Challenger 300 aircraft.

In 2009, Mr. Ouellette was promoted to Vice President & General Manager, Challenger aircraft programs, and he assumed overall responsibility for all Challenger aircraft programs. During his time in this role, he was instrumental in implementing various lean manufacturing projects that led to significant efficiency gains and customer satisfaction while driving employee engagement to new heights.

In April 2013, Mr. Ouellette served as Vice President & General Manager, Global Aircraft Programs. He was responsible for the flagship Global 5000 and Global 6000 aircraft programs, the entire life cycle of Global aircraft, and assembly sites in Toronto and Montréal.

Mr. Ouellette then led the Customer Services & Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft division as of January 2014. He was responsible for the overall customer service network for both business and commercial aircraft, including Parts Services, Customer Services and Support for Business and Commercial Aircraft, Aircraft Service Centres, Aircraft Training, Sales, Marketing and Service Programs, as well as specialized and amphibious aircraft.

In June 2015, Mr. Ouellette was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Business Aircraft, where he was responsible for all aircraft programs in production and the procurement group. Later that year, he became Senior Vice President, Global 7500 Program at Bombardier Business Aircraft.

A native of Montréal, Québec, Canada, Mr. Ouellette holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, in Montréal.

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