Potential Suppliers

Bombardier Transportation Procurement Organization

In procurement we have a matrix-organization - we are organized by divisions and commodities.

For each commodity there is a lead buyer in charge of developing a sourcing strategy including a preferred supplier panel.

Divisions and site procurement teams are in charge of operational procurement. Division and site teams place orders and follow-up deliveries and performance of suppliers.

Suppliers Qualifications Criteria

In Bombardier Transportation’s Supplier Quality Assurance, our mission is to ensure that we choose suppliers that are able to meet our requirements. We detect quality risks and develop relevant accurate action plans.

Directly related to Transportation Indirectly related to Transportation
International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) ISO 9001
Supplier Evaluation and Approval Process (SEAP) ISO 14001 (HSE Compliance)
Parts Approval Process (PAP) ISO 16001 (HSE Compliance)

We expect our suppliers to be IRIS certified, as it is the globally recognize standard in the railway industry). Much effort was put in the Bombardier Transportation wide development and implementation of the Supplier Evaluation and Approval Process (SEAP) and Parts Approval Process (PAP). Both processes are now widely standardized with Bombardier Transportation and are used to detect and manage issues early in the project. All our processes are in line with IRIS.
With SEAP we evaluate and approve suppliers. This process has been designed to ensure a solid and stable supply base. PAP ensures the quality of purchased parts.

For all types of suppliers we consider the following commercial characteristics as part of our selection process:

  • Willingness and ability to share market risk
  • Systems or service facility capabilities
  • Operating management systems
  • Financial strength
  • Location
  • Certifications

Supplier Pre-selection Form

If you are interested in joining Bombardier Transportation’s supply chain and your company fulfills the selection criteria mentioned above, please fill out the Supplier Pre-selection Form.

Your profile will automatically be distributed to the buyers responsible for your commodity.

We evaluate every application but  ask for your understanding that  we will only contact you if we see an opportunity for collaboration.