Using INNOVIA ART advanced rapid transit system technology, Vancouver’s SkyTrain is the flagship of driverless, urban transit systems. With the opening of the 20.3-kilometre (12.6-mile) Millennium Line to passenger service in August 2002, the 49-kilometre (30-mile) SkyTrain is the backbone of an impressive integrated land-sea-rail system and the longest driverless system in the world.

Since its inaugural launch into revenue service in 1986, SkyTrain has carried over 700 million passengers safely, reliably and cost effectively. Bombardier's fully automated, driverless technology features a unique steerable-axle suspension, linear-induction-motor propulsion, and a moving-block automatic train control system that enhances operational flexibility and system expandability.

The order of 60 INNOVIA ART 200 vehicles, the second generation of the system's existing 150INNOVIA ART 100 fleet, incorporates all the benefits of the original SkyTrain vehicle while significantly increasing the passenger-carrying capacity. Because of INNOVIA ART 200's higher performance standards, fewer trains are required to provide the same level of service, resulting in lower operating costs. Additional orders for 48 INNOVIA ART 200 vehicles were delivered in 2009.

Bombardier Transportation is now providing 28 new high-performing INNOVIA Metro 300 cars to meet increasing passenger demand. The versatile INNOVIA Metro 300 trains will be fully compatible with the SkyTrain’s existing system infrastructure and fleet of 258 INNOVIA ART 100 and 200 vehicles.


Contract Type
  Expo Line
  Millennium Line

Full Turnkey - Design Build Operate Maintain
E & M Turnkey - Electrical and Mechanical System Supply

System Length

49.2 km (30.6 mi.)

Number of Stations


Start of Revenue Service
  Expo Line
  Millennium Line


Fleet Size

150 INNOVIA ART 100 vehicles
108 INNOVIA ART 200 vehicles

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