INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - London Heathrow, UK

The INNOVIA APM 200 automated people mover system made its debut in Europe at London's Heathrow Airport in 2008. The APM system was integrated into the original Terminal 5 construction project to allow airport passengers to move conveniently and efficiently within the T5 complex.

Opening in phases, the initial system consisted of a fleet of two 3-car trains operating between Terminal 5A and Terminal 5B in a dual-lane tunnel. Among other innovative features, the system uses the CITYFLO 650 automated train control technology, which allowed for easy system expansion. In 2011, the second phase was opened, which included an extension to Terminal 5C and three additional vehicles. Today, the 9-car fleet successfully carries over 6,500 passengers per hour per direction.

Bombardier Scope of Work E & M Turnkey - Electrical and Mechanical System Supply
System Length 0.67 km (0.42 mi.)
Number of Stations 3
Start of Revenue Service 2008
Fleet Size INNOVIA APM 200 vehicles
innovia apm 200-automated people mover-london-sysmap