INNOVIA Automated People Mover System – Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas USA

The INNOVIA APM 200 automated people mover system – the largest contract ever awarded – was introduced at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in May 2005. The 64-vehicle INNOVIA APM 200 fleet serves 10 stations on 8 kilometres (5 miles) of dual-lane elevated guideway. DFW’s Skylink operates at two-minute intervals, with an average passenger ride time of 5 to 8 minutes.

Key features of the INNOVIA APM 200 vehicles are spacious interiors and wide doors, a new suspension and guidance system and CITYFLO 650 technology -  Bombardier’s communications-based automatic train control technology that delivers high flexibility and improved system performance.

Bombardier Scope of Work E & M Turnkey - Electrical and Mechanical System Supply
Vehicle and system-wide maintenance
System Length 8 km (5 mi.)
Number of Stations 10
Start of Revenue Service 2005
Fleet Size 64 INNOVIA APM 200 vehicles
innovia apm 200-automated people mover-dallas-fort worth-sysmap