Electrical Multiple Unit - Perth, Australia

Designed specifically for Perth’s NewMetroRail project, including the extension of Perth’s metropolitan railway to Clarkson to the north of the city and Mandurah to the south, these electric multiple units (EMUs) are designed to offer a regular, high speed and comfortable service to Perth.

Developed from the trains in Perth’s existing rail fleet, these new vehicles incorporate the latest designs and technology from around the world, married with Bombardier’s local knowledge and experience, whilst retaining the rugged construction required for Australia’s harsh conditions.

These high capacity, state of the art trains feature stainless steel carbodies, large entrance doors for rapid passenger exchange and a high performance energy efficient traction system. Operating as a set of three permanently coupled cars, two sets may be coupled to form a six-car train.

With the cars coupled by weatherproof bellows, vision and movement is not obstructed by intercar doorways, allowing passengers to move freely from one end of the train to the other.

Air-conditioning, video surveillance and a high level of passenger comfort provide a superior level of service to commuters.

Contract awarded May 2002
Operator Transperth
Length 72,420 mm (3-car unit)
Width 2,908 mm
Max. Speed 130 km/h
Seated Passengers 67 + 14 folding seats (driving motor cars)
78 + 8 folding seats (trailer car)
Track gauge 1,067 mm
electric multiple unit-perth-techdraw