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  • C20 Metro - Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • CITYFLO 250 - Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • CONTESSA Electric Multiple Unit - Denmark and SwedenDenmark, Sweden
  • FLEXITY Swift- Stockholm, Sweden SwedenStockholm
  • INTERFLO 150 - Linkoping-Vastervik, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 200 & 250 - Oresund Link - Sweden, DenmarkSweden, Denmark
  • INTERFLO 200 - Arlandabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 200 Oresundsbanan total signalling - SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 & 250 - Trafikverket, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 - Botniabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 ERTMS Level 2 - Botniabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 550 Regional passenger line operation - SwedenSweden
  • IORE - Sweden, Norway Norway, Sweden
  • ITINO Diesel Multiple Unit Germany, Sweden
  • REGINA Electric Multiple Unit - SwedenSweden
  • X2000- SwedenSweden

FLEXITY Classic - Frankfurt, Germany

Bombardier Transportation developed a low-floor tram for the Frankfurt transport authorities (VGF), based on the proven BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Classic design which was first introduced and has since been in successful revenue service in Kassel. The conventional powered bogies offer increased running stability and reduced wear of wheel and rail. Therefore, the costs for service and maintenance are considerably reduced. For an unruffled and quiet ride, the tram is equipped with optimised suspension. Wide doors and low entrances allow quick and effortless passenger transfer.

With a capacity for 179 passengers, this vehicle is the ideal solution for Frankfurt am Main. A total of 75 FLEXITY Classic trams have been ordered by VGF which have been in successful operation since October 2003.

Operator Verkehrs Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main
Length 30,000 mm
Width 2,400 mm
Max. Speed 70 km/h
Minimum Horizontal Curve Radius 18 m
Maximum Gradient 40‰
% Low Floor 70%
Seated Passengers 64
Standees 115 (4 pass/m2)