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Project Name Country City
  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA ART - Yongin, South KoreaSouth KoreaYongin
  • CITYFLO 250 - Manila, PhilippinesPhilippinesManila
  • CITYFLO 350 - Delhi, IndiaIndiaDelhi
  • CITYFLO 350 - Pusan, South KoreaSouth KoreaPusan
  • CITYFLO 450 - Bangkok, ThailandThailandBangkok
  • CITYFLO 550 - SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
  • CITYFLO 650 - Neihu LINE, TaiwanTaiwanTaipei
  • CITYFLO 650 - Shenzhen, ChinaChinaShenzhen
  • CITYFLO 650 - Tianjin, ChinaChinaTianjin
  • Electric Multiple Unit - Brisbane, AustraliaAustraliaBrisbane
  • Electrical Multiple Unit - Perth, AustraliaAustraliaPerth
  • FLEXITY 2 Light Rail System – Gold Coast, AustraliaAustraliaGold Coast
  • FLEXITY Classic - Adelaide, AustraliaAustraliaAdelaide
  • FLEXITY Swift - Melbourne, AustraliaAustraliaMelbourne
  • High Grade Coach - ChinaChina
  • High speed Train CRH1 – ChinaChina
  • INNOVIA APM 100 Automated People Mover System - Bukit Panjang, SingaporeSingapore
  • INNOVIA Automated People Mover System - Beijing Capital International Airport, ChinaChinaBeijing
  • INNOVIA Automated People Mover System - Guangzhou, ChinaChinaGuangzhou
  • INNOVIA Metro – Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  • INNOVIA Metro – Taipei, TaiwanTaiwanTaipei
  • INTERFLO 200 - State Railway of Thailand Thailand
  • INTERFLO 250 - Korean National RailroadSouth Korea
  • INTERFLO 250 ERTMS Level 1 ATP system - TaiwanTaiwan
  • INTERFLO 450 - Beijing–Shanghai, ChinaChinaBeijing, Shanghai
  • INTERFLO 450 - Shanghai-Nanjing/Hangzhou, ChinaChina
  • INTERFLO 450 - Wuhan – Guangzhou LINE, ChinaChinaGuangzhou
  • Light Rail Transit System - Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  • MOVIA 456 Metro Cars For Line 1 - Shenzhen, ChinaChinaShenzhen
  • MOVIA Metro - Delhi, IndiaIndiaDelhi
  • MOVIA Metro Cars for Line 1 (Supplementary Vehicles) – Shanghai, ChinaChinaShanghai
  • MOVIA Metro Cars for Lines 7, 9 & 12 - Shanghai, ChinaChinaShanghai
  • MOVIA metro cars for Line 1 & 2 - Guangzhou, ChinaChinaGuangzhou
  • MOVIA metro cars for Singapore Downtown lineSingaporeSingapore
  • Metro line 1 & 2 - Shanghai, ChinaChinaShanghai
  • VLocity 160 DMU- AustraliaAustralia

C20 Metro – Stockholm, Sweden

The new Stockholm Metro units are an important part of the improvement work being carried out to upgrade SL (Stockholm Public Transport Authority) services in the city. They are based on the proven preference of passengers for simple and comfortable travel. From 1998 onwards, the new cars have successively replaced the existing rolling stock on the oldest part of the underground network. The Stockholm Metro units (C20) are built in three articulated sections with a driver's cab at each end. Passengers can move freely throughout the entire length of the car. The Stockholm Metro units contribute to more attractive travel within Stockholm in many ways. They offer an attractive design combined with high levels of comfort, security and reliability with a low noise ambience. The new vehicles also provide an excellent working environment for the drivers and maintenance personnel and fulfil high environmental demands regarding energy consumption, choice of materials and recycling. A major part of the car equipment is computer controlled.

C20 FICAS for Stockholm Metro

The first pilot trainset using FICAS technology is based on Stockholm's existing C20 metro vehicles. FICAS stands for a highly innovative modular sandwich construction comprising a steel skin bonded to a rigid composite core, providing e.g. more space to the vehicle design. The C20 vehicles are already 'best-in-class' with respect to their recyclability and overall environmental standards, therefore the comparative benchmark naturally dictates a high level of performance.

Operator SL
Carbody Material C20: Stainless Steel
Length 46,500 mm (3-car train)
Width 2,900 mm
Max. Speed 90 km/h
Seated Passengers 126
Standees C20: 288
C20 FICAS: 317