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Project Name Country City
  • ALP-45DP Dual-power LocomotiveCanada, United States
  • ALP-46 Electric Locomotive - USAUnited States
  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA APM – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, USAUnited StatesPhoenix
  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA ART - New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA ART - Vancouver, CanadaCanadaVancouver
  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Monorail - Las Vegas, USAUnited StatesLas Vegas
  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Monorail – São Paulo, BrazilBrazilSão Paulo
  • CITYFLO 550 - Houston, USAUnited StatesHouston
  • CITYFLO 550 - San Francisco, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • CITYFLO 650 - Dallas / Forth Worth, USAUnited StatesDallas, Fort Worth
  • CITYFLO 650 - Philadelphia, USAUnited StatesPhiladelphia
  • CITYFLO 650 - Phoenix, Arizona, USAUnited StatesPhoenix
  • CITYFLO 650 - Sacramento, USAUnited StatesSacramento
  • CITYFLO 650 - San Francisco, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • CITYFLO 650 - Seattle, USA United StatesSeattle
  • CTA 5000-Series Rapid Transit Car - Chicago, USAUnited StatesChicago
  • FLEXITY Swift - Minneapolis, USAUnited StatesMinneapolis
  • High Speed Train Acela Express - United StatesUnited States
  • INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International AirportUnited StatesAtlanta
  • INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - Las Vegas, USAUnited StatesLas Vegas
  • INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - Miami, USAUnited StatesMiami
  • INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - San Francisco International Airport, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USAUnited StatesSeattle, Tacoma
  • INNOVIA APM Automated People Mover System - Tampa International Airport, USAUnited StatesTampa
  • INNOVIA Automated People Mover System - Denver International Airport, USAUnited StatesDenver
  • INNOVIA Automated People Mover System – Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas USAUnited StatesDallas, Fort Worth
  • INTERFLO 150 - La Loma-Santa Marta, ColombiaColombia
  • M-7 Electric Multiple Unit - New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • Metro - Mexico City, MexicoMexicoMexico City
  • Metro - New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • MultiLevel Coaches - New York, USA & Montreal, CanadaCanada, United StatesMontréal, New York
  • Toronto Rocket Subway Train - Toronto, CanadaCanadaToronto

BiLevel Coaches - Canada & USA

The BOMBARDIER BiLevel commuter rail car is designed to maximize passenger capacity and operating savings. Its attractive appearance and outstanding comfort create a favorable impression with the riding public, too. The car's time-tested design offers benefits to established agencies and start-up operations alike.

In service since 1978, the BiLevel car was designed in cooperation with GO Transit, now part of Metrolinx. The objective was to establish a user-friendly, 162-seat car with a baseline design for future modifications.

The car's superior economics are indisputable. Bombardier's BiLevel  technology offers 70% more capacity than single-level coaches. BiLevel trains generate 15-30% overall savings in operational cost. Their maintenance costs are substantially lower, too, and they are particularly effective in start-up situations… all factors that add up to big savings for a commuter operator.

The car's flexible design allows proprietary identity: Today, over 1,000 BiLevel cars are in operation at on order with transit authorities in 14 cities across Canada and the United States.

BiLevel coach customers:

  • Agence MétropolitaineMetropolitaine de Transport, Montréal
  • Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, Seattle (Sounder)
  • Metrolinx, Toronto (GO Transit)
  • Metropolitan Council, Minneapolis – St. Paul (Northstar)
  • Mid-Region Council of Governments, Albuquerque (New Mexico Rail Runner Express)
  • North County Transit District, North San Diego County (Coaster)
  • Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, San Francisco – San Jose (Caltrain)
  • San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, Stockton – San Jose (Altamont Commuter Express)
  • South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, Pompano Beach (Tri-Rail)
  • Southern California Regional Rail Authority, Los Angeles (Metrolink)
  • SunRail, Central Florida
  • TransLink, Vancouver (West Coast Express)
  • Trinity Railway Express, Dallas - Fort Worth
  • Utah Transit Authority, Salt Lake City (FrontRunner)