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Redefining the Future of Mass Transit Systems

Rapid growth in capacity is the biggest single challenge facing all mass transit operators today. Our environmentally friendly, highly innovative solutions meet operators’ evolving needs for higher capacity transport as well as improved passenger comfort and safety.

The MOVIA metro is designed to be capable of many applications, from high-capacity urban transit to intensive short-distance commuter services. With over 3,900 cars ordered to date, the MOVIA is the metro vehicle of choice for transit system operators in cities such as London, Shanghai, Singapore and Delhi. The flexible, modular platform allows customization to specific operator requirements, including fully automated driverless operation.

Key Features of MOVIA Metro Systems

  • Proven technology: selection of standardized systems and components enhances all performance aspects from shorter lead times to high availability and predictable operating costs
  • Modular design concept: allows flexible adaptation to customer requirements as well as wide range of comfort levels
  • Advanced  train control technology TCMS: Open and future proof backbone for innovative control and communication technologies
  • Customized design and interior layout: allow operators to keep their unique brands
  • Modular assembly technology: adaptable to local assembly and production requirements
  • Environmentally friendly: use of latest propulsion technology with low energy consumption, minimised noise levels and up to 90% recyclability

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