Light Rail Transit

FLEXITY Outlook, LRV, Porto, Portugal

The World’s Broadest Spectrum of Light Rail Solutions

Street cars and light rail systems dramatically improve mobility in modern cities. Designed to integrate into any urban environment, our systems feature a range of Bombardier light rail vehicles that combine high operational reliablity and maintainability with cost efficiency. Equally attractive in both their interior and exterior designs, our trams provide spacious, comfortable interiors and easy access for passengers.

As a responsive rail transportation provider, backed by a long tradition of excellence, we have the capabilities to develop the best possible application to address the unique requirements of our customers. FLEXITY trams and light rail solutions are prime examples of our ability to continually innovate and respond to customer demands with an aesthetic and highly reliable product portfolio.

The addition of the PRIMOVE system allows catenary-free operation of trams over distances of varying lengths, eliminating overhead wires and increasing a city’s attractiveness. The PRIMOVE system is connected to the MITRAC Energy Saver to optimize power supply and save energy.

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