Automated People Movers


The leading solution for urban and airport transportation

At Bombardier, we’re the world’s leading provider of automated people mover (APM) systems. We began installing reliable automated transit solutions in some of the world’s busiest airports and city districts in 1971. Since then, we’ve delivered 32 rubber-tired APM systems, from London to Guangzhou, Dallas to San Francisco.

Latest technology for outstanding benefits                    

Today the new INNOVIA APM 300 system is the culmination of more than four decades of reliable APM technology. It incorporates modern aesthetics and advanced subsystems for optimized functionality. The result is:

  • exceptional route flexibility
  • excellent availability
  • high efficiency in passenger capacity, energy consumption and land use

Modular design for enhanced flexibility

These sleek, aerodynamic trains feature a modular design for greater flexibility. Numerous configurations and customized features are available including:

  • state-of-the-art aluminum vehicles
  • lightweight, durable, impact- and corrosion-resistant cars
  • modern interior and exterior finishing
  • coupled trains of up to six cars
  • rubber tires, steerable axles and centre guidance
  • AC traction motors and advanced inverter controls

Great system versatility for optimal fit

INNOVIA APM 300 vehicles are compatible with both the INNOVIA APM 100 and 200 installed system base. The INNOVIA APM 300 system’s car-to-guideway interface can be adapted to elevated, at grade or underground applications. Its centre guidebeam interface and advanced suspension and guidance system reduce noise and vibration while providing exceptional ride quality.

Driverless operation for superior efficiency

The propulsion system allows the vehicles to operate at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour. When paired with the CITYFLO 650 automatic train control (ATC) system—an innovative communications-based ATC technology—the INNOVIA APM 300 system achieves shorter headways and unprecedented operational efficiency.

Better environmental performance

INNOVIA APM 300 technology minimizes energy consumption and delivers a smaller environmental footprint. New advances in intelligent power management and regenerative braking, along with LED lighting, increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

We also carefully control the use of restricted chemical substances. We only use environmentally friendly refrigerant in the air-conditioning units. The lightweight aluminum cars are assembled using recyclable materials that enable greater thermal conductivity.

Excellent passenger comfort

INNOVIA APM 300 vehicles feature spacious and modern interiors that accommodate high passenger volumes. Large windows create a bright, comfortable interior and excellent visibility for passengers. Seating can be customized to suit diverse urban and airport applications.  These state-of-the-art vehicles also include:

  • grip stanchions and handholds for standing passengers
  • designated spaces for passengers with restricted mobility
  • options for luggage racks, infotainment screens and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras
  • advanced communication technology

Why choose the INNOVIA APM 300 system

  • Ideal for both urban and airport circulator systems
  • Exceptional route flexibility for versatile applications at grade, in tunnels or completely elevated
  • Low-profile guideways
  • Aerodynamically designed trains with aluminum carbodies and customized end caps
  • Rubber-tired bogies for minimized interior and exterior sound levels
  • Capability to handle gradients up to 10% and curves as tight as 22 metres
  • Unprecedented track record for reliability and availability
  • Low overall capital and lifecycle costs with proven systems integration

Munich chooses the INNOVIA 300 APM

In November 2011, the Munich Airport authorities in Germany selected our INNOVIA APM 300 system for its high flexibility and reliability. The next-generation APM is key to the strategic expansion plans at Europe’s seventh busiest airport.

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