Automated Metros

INNOVIA Metro 300, Automated Metro

Meeting the mobility challenge

For more than 25 years, we’ve ranked as a world leader in the medium-capacity metro segment with our advanced rapid transit (ART) technology. Our latest generation metro—the new fully automated INNOVIA Metro 300 system—integrates this platform’s trademark success and engineering know-how.

Introducing our next-generation metro

Designed to deliver the lowest lifecycle costs, our INNOVIA Metro 300 system is the ideal solution for new or existing transportation networks. It bridges the gap between low capacity light rail systems and high capacity heavy metro systems.

The INNOVIA Metro 300 system has been optimized to reduce costs, infrastructure requirements and environmental impact. With its compact vehicles, it uses dedicated, slender guideways—at grade, elevated or underground—that integrate seamlessly into cities and urban areas. Shorter trains operating with reduced headways enable shorter platforms while delivering the same capacity.

Tunnel costs are reduced due to lower floor height afforded by the system’s more compact vehicles and radial steering bogies. Excellent vehicle performance accommodates steep grades and sharp radius curves, reducing the system’s land requirements.

Proven track record, advanced design

The INNOVIA Metro 300 system successfully combines unparalleled experience in turnkey solutions with modern vehicle designs and equipment. This futuristic, eco-friendly system is built on a proven track record of safe operation, service dependability and low operating costs.
Its extremely lightweight aluminum vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art propulsion technology and advanced bogies.

On track to sustainability

The INNOVIA Metro 300 vehicles are made primarily from highly recyclable materials to ensure little-to-no waste at end of life. For energy recycling of up to 95%, the system includes efficient regenerative braking to reuse energy released during braking.

In addition to energy-saving lightweight vehicles, our EnerGstor wayside energy storage technology further reduces energy consumption. It captures and stores potentially wasted energy, then recycles it back into the system. This high energy efficiency results in fewer carbon emissions, a smaller environmental footprint and lower operating costs.

Ease of maintainability generates significant cost benefits over the system’s lifetime.

Superior aesthetics and passenger comfort

Our next-generation metro features a sleek and futuristic look both inside and out. Attention to detail creates a bright, functional and passenger-friendly environment. Three bi-parting doors per side of each vehicle, wide aisles and ‘open’ interiors allow passengers to board and move within the vehicles quickly and easily.

Additional interior features include:

  • inter-car walk-through that enhances passenger safety and passenger flow
  • flexible seating arrangements for high capacities
  • advanced security features such as two-way radio contact
  • closed circuit television (CCTV) accessibility for passengers with disabilities (Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant)

With a range of interior and exterior finishes, you can customize your fleet to create a distinctive look that adds character to the cityscape.

Why choose the INNOVIA Metro 300 system

  • Suitable for a range of applications (mass transit, circulator, commuter or airport link)
  • Designed for a seamless urban fit
  • Lower annual operating and maintenance costs
  • Communications-based train control (CBTC) moving block automatic train control (ATC) technology for short journey times with quick dwell times at stations
  • Easy system expandability
  • All-weather operation on challenging alignments
  • Higher-than-average speeds while combining greater passenger capacity with steeper system grades
  • Proven record for safety, reliability and low lifecycle costs
  • A catalyst for urban development

INNOVIA Metro 300 system at a glance

  • One- to six-car trains
  • Headway flexibility (as short as 75 seconds)
  • Up to 51,000 passengers per hour per direction (six-car configuration)
  • Three carbody width options for greater versatility
  • Choice of our highly reliable conventional rotary propulsion or proven linear induction motor (LIM)
  • Our industry-leading CITYFLO 650 automatic train control (ATC) technology for efficient driverless operation

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