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Our modern metros: helping cities breathe

Rapidly increasing capacity is the biggest single challenge facing all mass transit operators today. As major cities expand, so too does the demand for high capacity vehicles providing fast, efficient and comfortable urban transport.

Efficient rail-bound mass transit systems have become a prerequisite for the sustainable development of urban areas.

World’s leading metro provider

As the world’s leading metro manufacturer, we’re shaping the future of mass transit travel. Our high tech, high capacity metros deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions around the globe.

Over seven billion people use our metros every year in major cities like New York, Montréal, London, Berlin, Shanghai and New Delhi.

Pioneering sustainable designs

Environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our design philosophy. We mix proven and standardized components with the most advanced technologies and materials. This combination ensures:  

  • optimized train performance
  • high reliability, safety and maintainability
  • low energy consumption, noise levels and environmental impact
  • operational savings

Our state-of-the-art MITRAC propulsion and control system enables smooth running, longer lifetime and low lifecycle costs. It also provides the backbone for open and innovative IP-based control and communication equipment.

Flexible MOVIA strengthens your brand

Today’s market is characterized by a huge variety of technical and operational requirements. Our flexible, modular metro designs can be customized to meet your needs and strengthen your brand. It lowers operating costs and ensures easy maintenance and repair.

With their spacious modern interior and stylish exterior design, our MOVIA metros can be tailored to local climate conditions and assembly production. They’re also fully accessible, with wide doors and spacious gangways to facilitate rapid passenger flow.

Why choose MOVIA metros

  • Proven technology: selection of standardized systems and components for enhanced performance, from shorter lead times to high availability and predictable operating costs
  • Completely modular: flexible adaptation to customer requirements as well as a wide range of comfort levels
  • Advanced train control technology TCMS: open and future proof backbone for innovative control and communication technologies
  • Customized design and interior layout: operators’ unique brands reinforced
  • Modular assembly technology: adaptable to local assembly and production requirements
  • Environmentally friendly: use of latest propulsion technology with low energy consumption, minimized noise levels and up to 90% recyclability

MOVIA metro is on the move

We’ve sold more than 4,000 MOVIA metro cars to date. Highlights include:

  • Winning the contract to supply 410 subway cars to San Francisco and 300 subway cars to New York City
  • supplying 1,771 MOVIA vehicles to London Underground, currently the world’s biggest rail system upgrade
  • supplying 264 fully automated MOVIA vehicles for the Singapore Downtown Line
  • supplying a total of 614 MOVIA metro cars for the Delhi Metro
  • delivering our 1,500th metro car to China


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