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Bombardier Transportation has highly skilled employees working in Rail Control Solutions Services worldwide and offers support to customers in managing the installed base as well as assisting and advising during the transformation to new technology. In order to address the needs of the market, Bombardier Transportation is able to provide the following essential services to customers:

  • Product sales
  • Spare parts sales and stock holding for customers
  • Repair services
  • System upgrades and modifications
  • Training
  • Efficient handling of warranty commitments
  • First line maintenance
  • Second line maintenance
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Audits and surveys
  • Call centre

Product sales

We understand that our customers often require additional products at short notice. To meet these customer needs we offer a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf products and stand-alone systems that include: point machines, signals, relay, track circuits, ATC products, CTC products, level crossings and detector systems.

Spare parts supplies and repair services

We can, by agreement, keep a stock of customer specific spare parts for replacing components within a predetermined time period. This considerably reduces the number of spare parts that our customers need to keep in stock and ensures high system availability. It also guarantees that the client receives the appropriate version of the replacement component. Under the repair service facility offered by Bombardier Transportation, customers can return damaged components to us for quick repair.

System upgrades and modifications

To increase functionality and/or extend the lifetime of the systems, we offer changes or upgrades to the customer install base. Examples of alterations include the extension of a delivered system, addition of equipment and engineering work due to expansion of the track layout, adjustments of interlocking logic to adapt to modified safety rules and functionality upgrades, such as the incorporation of timetable functionality to a control system.


Our Training Academy offers a wide range of courses designed to suit our customers' requirements.

Systems overviews, maintenance and test and operation courses give a solid base for our customers to successfully operate and maintain their systems. To adapt to these requirements, training courses can be organised at the customer's sites, or at our premises.

Highly skilled staff and easy-to-use course documentation guarantee successful results from the training courses. All courses are continually monitored to ensure that the content is up-to-date and that our customers' training course requirements are fulfilled.

The Academy's aim is to increase our customer's business performance and ensure that our products are used in a correct and safe manner.

First line maintenance

We keep our customers' systems running at all times - often under performance-based contracts. First line maintenance ensures that our customers receive dedicated full time on-site support, such as corrective maintenance, or preventative maintenance with the option of asset management, e.g. total administration and maintenance of the assets.

Second line maintenance

Bombardier Transportation provides technical support via the telephone and can, on request, provide on-site support ensuring system knowledge and the availability of suitable spare parts.

Audits and surveys

To ensure that maintenance procedures have been carried out correctly, we offer audits to suggest improvements on the customer's maintenance processes. We will also undertake surveys to test equipment for defects, evaluate and document the current state of the infrastructure and propose upgrades where necessary.

Call Centre

The Service Support Line is the natural interface for all customers using products and systems delivered by us.

Support Line is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring our customers are able to speak to an operator at anytime. Support Line registers all incoming questions and provides immediate technical support as all our operators have access to databases and help systems specifically designed to diagnose technical issues and problems. Support Line then provides continuous follow-up and feedback on all reported issues and acts as a link between other functions within Bombardier Transportation.

Quality and Safety standards

Bombardier Transportation Rail Control Solutions is ISO 9001:2000 certified. The realisation processes for the signalling safety products from Bombardier Transportation follow the CENELEC standards EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and other related standards.

RCS Training Academy

Hyderabad, India

Mainline and mass transit signalling systems and product training

Bombardier’s Rail Control Solutions (RCS) Training Academy provides a wide range of technical customer training courses.  Our courses cover a variety of topics including system overviews, maintenance, test and operation. All our courses provide delegates with a solid foundation enabling our customers to confidently and successfully operate and maintain their Bombardier systems.

We deliver training for our projects, but we also offer stand-alone courses for infrastructure companies, rail operators, consultants, universities and railway schools.

The aim of the RCS Training Academy is to increase our customer’s business performance and success when operating their signalling systems, as well as ensuring  that customers continue to use their systems in a safe and correct manner, all of which will result in a minimal level of outages or disruption.


We offer a variety of training methods from classroom and e-learning to practical customer site scenario training. The quality and relevance of our courses are continually audited, evaluated and updated. In addition to signalling introduction courses we are able to provide renewal and refresher signalling training. You can choose from a selection of over 70 courses designed to meet our customer’s organisational training needs.

Training material

We provide all training delegates with user-friendly course guides and high quality reference materials, all of which are designed to maximise the effectiveness of the training we provide. We deliver training in the form of classroom sessions, in facilities equipped with Bombardier product simulators to create a realistic training environment for our delegates.


Our team of training professionals are all highly knowledgeable, signalling industry experts with global project experience. Bombardier trainers are capable of inspiring and motivating delegates, and they design the signalling courses specifically around the needs of our customers.

Training locations

The courses we offer are flexible, and are mainly held at one of our dedicated training centres listed below:

  • Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Braunschweig , Germany
  • Katowice, Poland
  • Pittsburgh, USA

However, training can be administered at any of our global Bombardier sites or, if suitable, on customer premises.

Download our training catalogue (PDF)

To enquire further about our courses or for a printed copy of our training catalogue please contact us directly:

Tel: +46 10 852 0000


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