INTERFLO 150, Resource Sector, Sweden

Radio-based solution for regional/industrial lines, including ERTMS based system (SIL2)

INTERFLO 150 is a radio-based solution for regional and industrial lines. This solution comprises all the trackside products required for such a line, including wayside ATP components (balises), as well as the ATP system onboard the train.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Industrial: A proprietary ATP system displaying permitted, actual and target speeds and movement authority. Presented to the driver through a graphical alphanumeric and analogue display, with both audible and visual alarms
  • Regional: An ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 ATP system displaying permitted, actual and target speeds and movement authority. Presented to the driver through a graphical alphanumeric and analogue display, with both audible and visual alarms
  • Driverless operation can also be obtained by adding an automatic train operation (ATO) system
  • ATP information passes to/from the train through radio signals from the EBI Com
  • Train separation can be achieved through moving or fixed virtual block sections
  • EBI Lock computer-based interlocking and EBI Com radio block centre functions are integrated in a single computer system
  • EBI Switch point machines controlled by interlockings
  • EBI Screen control room handles train supervision

The INTERFLO 150 solution is suited to low density lines such as regional lines with low traffic density and dedicated mineral haul lines (mine to port) for long, heavy trains through difficult terrain where wayside infrastructure may not exist, or may be elementary. Potential exists for consideration in the longer term to upgrade to ERTMS since many of the key elements already exist including the cab fitment of the ATP and man machine interface (MMI).

EBI Screen control room

The traffic is supervised by the EBI Screen control room system. This is a modern state of the art computer-based control and supervision system allowing the operator to give commands through a mouse or keyboard with the facility to have the position of the vehicles and optional wayside objects shown on both normal display screens and large rear projection screens.

The functionality includes:

  • Advanced CTC with flexible automatic route setting
  • Supervision and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Passenger information displays (PIDs)
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Public announcement (PA)
  • Radio communication

EBI Lock computer-based interlocking

The INTERFLO 150 solution uses EBI Lock computer-based interlocking. One Interlocking can control multiple stations and intermediate lines from a central location. Wayside objects (points, level crossings etc) are controlled/monitored remotely.

EBI Com radio block centre

The INTERFLO 150 solution passes the ATP information (movement authorities) to the train through the EBI Com and keeps track of the trains positions (position reports) received from the ATP. For this solution the EBI Com and EBI Lock functions are integrated into the same hardware.

EBI Link ATP wayside equipment

The INTERFLO 150 solution uses EBI Link balises as a reference point for the trains to calibrate their position on the track.

EBI Switch point machines

Point machines from the EBI Switch point machine range can be used, depending on what is most suitable for the particular market. Conventional point machines are normally used in anINTERFLO 150 solution.

EBI Gate level crossing

Complete level crossing systems are used in the INTERFLO 150 solution.

EBI Cab onboard equipment

The onboard equipment consists of EBI Cab and radio communication equipment, which is a distributed onboard system. The ATP onboard system controls the train according to the continuous information sent by the EBI Com. The INTERFLO 150 system has a SIL2/SIL3 safety level in accordance with CENELEC.

The INTERFLO 150 solution also supports automatic train operation (ATO). By adding an ATO computer and an interface to the driver's control panel of the train driverless operation can be achieved.

An automatic load handling system is also available for industrial lines. An advanced train integrity control system (TIC) monitors the integrity and status of the train. TIC is capable of controlling active equipment on the load-cars such as automatic load/unload systems and de-railing sensors.


Mining Solutions

Designed to optimise the movement of ore and freight

The efficient movement of freight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is essential to a modern and productive resource industry. Specifically designed for industrial and mining applications, INTERFLO 150 optimises and maximises the rapid transport of raw materials to enable fully automated continuous, efficient and streamlined productivity. 

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